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Image of Sargent's Palmettos

Welcome to Michele's Traveling Studio Online! My name is Michele Cooper and through this web site I hope to keep in touch with my students, readers and friends in many countries around the world with whom I share a love for the art of painting watercolors. The Traveling Studio is usually relocated for a short while in the winter to the beautiful Pacific Islands of Oahu and Maui.

image of North Shore Oahu
It is like being in attendance at a grand performance! First the music: 
a deep bass rumbles and clashing cymbals of
waves break against the rocks at Sharks' Cove on the North Shore of Oahu,
a phosphorescent sizzle of the foam across the sand, a string of
pearly bubbles along  a boundless  strand. 
The massive drapes of velvet cloud begin to part.
Light effects change moment by moment while
tiny pink skirts of bougainvillea blossoms dance in the warm tropical wind.
Palm trees sway to the rhythmic susurrations
and rustle their leafy fingers in applause.


image of easel set-up
I set up to paint my favorite view at Lanikai.

image of painting on easel, Lanikai signal

This time I will emphasize the rocks and add a fishing boat.

image, painting mangos
You can buy mangos by the case here. That's good. . . even if you get hungry while painting them, there are more than enough for the artist AND the still-life.


photo of Framed by Pink
A beautiful view in farm country.
photo of red clay horse
A horse of a different color.

photo of flowerbug
We've come to expect things like bugs, flowers and sharks in Hawaii........
Just not in the parking lot.
photo of shark mobile

image of orchids, restaurant

There are beautiful flowers everywhere.
Some of my best photos come from flowers at hotels and restaurants.

On the  way to the grocery store, I realized I had a navigator.
I guess you could say I had a geckodometer!

image of original painting Sailing the Wind
The wind was blowing so hard, it sandblasted me and my easel.
The kiteboarders and sailboarders just loved it, though.

image of surfers at Pyramid Rock

image of Sandy Beach painting on location
Next location was Sandy Beach. Best to leave the surfing to the experts
and the painting to us. 

section of Wave at Sandy Beach gouche painting
Here is a closeup section of one of two gouache paintings for the week.


photo of spinner dolphin
We went on a whale watch and saw spinner dolphins and humpback whales.
If you ever want a fantastic experience, take an excursion with

image from www.dolphinexcursions.com
The whales are in these waters to calve, nurse or breed.
We watched 2 males chase a female for quite some time. They stirred up the ocean
like children in a bathtub!

image of humpback fluke
On the way back to the harbor, we watched one humpback lolling around in the water.

image of waves
We kept getting a wave, until he finally poked his head up and looked to see
why we weren't coming over to play.

image of humpback



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For many of you a visit to this web site will be our first meeting, so perhaps you would like to read a little bit more about me and my connection to the art world. 

I hope you'll visit this site often and I would love to hear from you-my e-mail address is michele@michelecooper.com

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